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There are only three ways that I know of to construct fabric by the interlocking of yarns: weaving, knotting, or looping. Crochet is a looping technique in which a single yarn interlocks with itself repeatedly in an endless series of convoluted loops dragged through each other with a hook and resulting in a very bulky fabric. The somewhat torturous self-involvement of this single yarn is a lot like my life and I love it. Most of my early art works were crocheted.




Beef Stew

Big Basket

Breakfast on an Orange Plate




Eggs in Cups

Sparkle Basket

Square 1




Still Life with a Constructed Light Source

Cosmic Symmetry

Cup and Saucer




Directional Doily

Patterned Potted Plant Pillow

Potted Plant Pillows




Primary Baskets

Rock Pillow

Speckled Enamel Coffee Pot




Square 2, Gamp

Baby Beak-nosed Monster

Ha Ha Doily




Kitchen Cloth


American Flag Pillow Case




Still Life Pillow

Ice Cream Sundae

Two Pillows




Beak-nosed Monster Mask

Bulb-nosed Cow Monster

Clown Hat




Ruffled Fork-tongued Monster

Square 5, Steps

Three Pendants




Walking Houndstooth

Furled Still Life

Houndstooth Nut Cakes





Teapot Pillow





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