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Engaging in traditional processes of fabric construction—weaving, knotting, or looping—holds its own reward independent of the resulting product. There is deep satisfaction to be found in the rhythmically repeating movements of making cloth. The cloth is a record of the process, and the surface image is largely controlled by the rigorous symmetry of its structure. Needing to impose my own idiosyncratic control on the development of imagery, however, I eventually turned from fabric construction to embroidery, which is freer from structural constraints.

Patriot Sampler

Pregnant Bird

Beak-nosed Monster




Breakfast with Measles on the Wall

Bird Mask

Rayon Basket


Wall Pillow

Carnival Rug

Mat with Constructed Fading




Square 3

Stormy Transposition

Square 4, Back to My Garden




Cosmic Bowl, Inner Eye

Circle Pendants

Santa Fe Cat




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